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Imagine. The world of far future transposed into the eye of an archaeologist... about 20,000 years AD. Laatavia is the bible of post-stellar times, the receptacle of all knowledge of the known worlds. Basically also a traduction of the original website (FR)

Based on the time frame, let's say this story officially ends about twenty thousand years AD. Why? Just because humanity has more precisely the sense that once gave him: From changes in technology during his stellar big expansion, it has moved away from its habitat to become "expansionist" and forge a first stellar empire.

Mankind swarmed, mutated, and continued his journey to the heart of laataia, Lactavia, the Milky Way. Over there, the flaming heart of the worlds, she found a time of truth came of age a thousand times, but transcended its true nature.

This dropping, its very meaning is being diluted to the point that his memory was lost in those of mutitudes, speak of "human" had no meaning, only left for initiates the dark memory of the founders, some simian tribes of savannah on a small blue planet of Orion's arm.

future city

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"Absolutely every aspect of the great expansion here present ..." (Martian Old Post)

"Never such a data set had it been compulsée one piece ..." (Beta Pictoris Chronicles)

"... Laataia easily eclipse the great library of Deneb Tierce." (Mizar Observer)

"... It was Lactavia so that we do justice to the dark period of the great forgotten." (Terra guardia)

"To the extent that a website can be a book, nothing more revolutionary since Gutenberg ..." (Alnitakh news)

Jaurasian system
Jaurasian System. The first non-eartling civilization discovered in the Galaxy
Brunnej Palace
Brunnej Palace
Andrenadyn falls and luxury hotel complex. Sullust system (Capricorni).
Abramanna, Kandoath system, colonized from the 5980s.
Equilibris, earth, XXIth century. An attempt to design a perfectly sustainable city in a hostile environment (Nevada).
Daggerem, Karman planet, Jaurasian system, colonized by Noochanans, with a local population apparented to the Jaurasians, about 3700-3800.

First Steps

The pioneers (1957-2020)

The fabulous adventure through the solar system: Explore 2000 years of colonization, from Mercury to the far reaches of the Kuiper belt, and beyond...

-4 October 1957: Flight of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik.
-2 January 1959: First artificial craft to reach the Moon, Luna 2.
-19 August 1960: First flight of a living being in space: The dogs Laika, Belka and Strelka.
-12 April 1961: The first human flight into space: Yuri Gagarin.
-20 February 1962: First flight in several orbits (long): John Glenn.
-16 June 1963: First space flight of a woman: Valentina Tereshkova.
-18 March 1965: First extra vehicular exit in space: A. Leonov.
-31 January 1966: First lunar probe: Luna 9.
-14 January 1969: First docking between two spacecraft, Soyuz 4 and 5.
-21 July 1969: First Steps on the moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
-3 March 1972: Launch of Pioneer 10, the first probe to leave the solar system.
-3 In April 1973, First space station, Salyut 2 (Skylab May 14)
-20 July 1976: First landing of a probe on Mars, Viking I.
-12 April 1981: First space flight of a recoverable shuttle (STS-1 Enterprise)
-30 January 2008: First automatic probe on Europe.
-12 June 2009: First "factory" operated SST (Alpha), taking advantage of conditions of weightlessness.
-05 July 2011: First successful virtual simulation of Martian terraforming.
-17 June 2012: First flight with a Ions propeller.
-14 July 2015: Close flyby of Pluto.
-04 August 2020: First spaceship for distant operations, ITS-1, exceeding 100 meters.

Settlers and explorers (2028-2205)

-20 November 2028: First permanent Martian base, and first man on Mars.
-02 May 2031: First permanent base on the moon (GLT observatory)
-04 December 2032: First deep probe on Europe.
-13 January 2035: First rover on Io.
-18 March 2036: First probe on Sedna.
-14 August 2038: First Space Dockyard
-03 November 2039: First terraformation processing plant on Mars.
-21 April 2041: Official start of the industrial terraforming of Mars (Genesis project)
-1st January 2061: First tests of cold fusion turbines for space travel.
-29 March 2069: Discovery of living organisms (bacteria) on Mars, the South Pole.
-14 July 2077: First virtual simulations for terraforming Venus
-11 May 2084: First virtual testing of antimatter turbines.
-8 February 2088: First succesful cryogenic 6-year suspension success.
-28 January 2095: First plasma turbines.
-31 March 2118: First Jovian space station, Joveye.
-07 September 2130: First mobile processing plant on Io.
-30 November 2132: First Uranian station, Herschel.
-1st April 2139: LeVerrier Neptune station.
-11août 2155: First base on Ganymede.
-15 May 2155: First mine in the asteroids belt (Teutatis).
-2160: First rain on Mars.
-28 October 2163: First base on Titan (Saturn)
-18 August 2161: First base on Titania (Uranus).
-08 February 2178: First base on Triton (Neptune)
-2180: First simulation of exploiting faults and folds of hyperspace.
-16 July 2180: First base on Europe (Jupiter).
-30 October 2205: First base on Callisto (Jupiter).

Going interstellar (2210-3790)

-17 April 2210: Departure of spaceship Gagarin to Proxima Centauri.
-02 November 2212: First base on Mercury.
-17 September 2215: First base on Pluto.
-02 February 2221: First industrial suspension complex in Saturn.
-16 April 2229: Successful cryopreservation and wake up after 60 years.
-6 September 2277: First Venusian research base, "Venaissance".
-24 November 2289: First tests of neutrinal transmissions by Jing Bao Chuzen (superluminal particles).
-2312: Completion of VST-III, the most sophisticated virtual simulation ever attempted on an interstellar space travel.
-30 June 2380: First succesful implantation of modified biological organisms on Mars
-2510: Man can survive on mars with a simple respirator mask and a light unpressurized suit.
-2525: First successful superluminal transmission from Oort cloud.
-10 September 2545: The "Chuzen" transmission is definitively adopted by the federation.
-2603: First theoretical work on created hyperspace "stargates" .
-1st January 2605: Martian terraforming officially closed.
-4 In October 2771: First magnetic fusion capacitor coupled to a network of plasma accelerators
-19 July 2784: First controlled black hole.
-2 July 2956: First man on Venus.
-9 November 3008: Oort cloud spaceship bound to Sirius (communication ceased in 3295).
-11 June 3139: Nano probes routinely launched into hyperspace.
-3162: First reliable hyperspace stargate.
-3175: First nanoscale jumps between two remote points over 1000 meters.
-3229: First interstellar mothership combining antimatter and nanojump folder
-7 April 3336: Arrival of Explorer 16 around Lalande 21185 (later Trecomsah) by hyperspace jump.
-3380-3420: Hyperspace stargate network in Solsys and between the three nearest stars.
-3450: First provoked rain on Venus.
-12 January 3461: Inauguration of the deep space motherprobe, bound to the outer reaches of the Orion\'s arm.
-February 3473: Arrival of J.Glenn mission to Wolf 359 (Aldenia).
-May 3485: Arrival around Sirius Alpha-12 (gas planet) of the Leonov.
-September 3522: Arrival of Krikalev in Ross 154 (Paducah) system.
-June 3529: Arrival of Aldrin around the double star L726-8 (Edinah).
-3532: New hypergate between Solsys and Sirius inaugurated.
-1st February 3559: Arrival of the Magellan Mothership to Sirius.
-4 In April 3561: 30 LY radius network of hypergates is set in place.
-30 September 3572: Solsys-Procyon line inaugurated (11.4 LY).
-1st June 3576: Colonization of Sirius system.
-17 January 3598: Epsilon Eridani system colonized.
-3621: Cook Mothership reached Ross system 248 (Shenandoah).
-15 September 3624: First deep hyperspace mothership, the "Ark".
-3638: Columbus mothership arrival in Ross 154 system (Paducah).
-20 January 3648: The Ark reaches the Perseus arm, beginning exploration.
-3652: The Laperouse mothership arrival in Lacaille 9352 (Casco).
-3655: "Ark" signal is lost, second one is built.
-28 May 3662: Second ark destroyed and deep space project buried.
-11 April 3664: Arrival of the Baudry in Ross 128 (Chimo)
-17 December 3679: Arrival of Titov in 61 Cygni (Sitansani)
-7 September 3682: New stargate networks reaches 32 LY around Solsys.
-2 August 3688: Arrival of Shepard in Struve 2398 (Etlah).
-3705: Sirius 882 colonized.
-3711: L726-8 (Camanche) is colonized, relay to reach Tau Ceti.
-2 August 3719: Tau Ceti, Van Maanen, Omicron Eridani, Altair, Stein 2051 Eta Cassiopeia, 82 Eridani and Delta Pavonis are reached by motherships and colonization stars.
-3728: The moon industrial exploitation colonies reaches one billion.
-3744: Altair colonization began, Altair-4 terraformation is started.
-3780s: "Venaissance" (the terraforming of Venus) officially closed.
-3784: First extrasolar planet terraforming, Procyon-2 is closed.


Conquest of the solar system

The fabulous adventure through the solar system: Explore 2000 years of colonization, from Mercury to the far reaches of the Kuiper belt, and beyond. The cradle of the Human species, from the pioneers, first man on the moon in 1969, and going on for nearly 2000 years. Solsys counted in about 4000 AD. 3 habitable planets (Earth, Mars & Venus) and about 120 planets and planetoids.

The Federation: Reaching nearby stars

ORION's arm: The empire

Some 3500 LY across, 10,000 LY in lenght the Orion's arm is a terrific sandbox

The Orion's arm streched for 3,500 light-years (1,100 parsecs) across, 10,000 light-years (3,100 parsecs) in length, with the original Solar System in it. Referred to by its ancient name, the Orion–Cygnus Arm (Local Arm), Orion Bridge or Local/Orion Spur. It is containing the Orion nebula one one side and N.America Nebula on the other, as major stars like Polaris, Deneb, Betelgeuse and Rigel, the theaters of many interstellar conflicts and empire-building. Most of it happened during 4200 and 5100 AD. Src

The orion's arm shematic view of major stars - src

The Encyclopedia Galactica

Throughout ten thousand milleniums, time which saw the Yuman and their offsprings colonizing and melting into the known universe, a very large number of civilizations apparears and disappears, eliminating or, more often, assimilating and blending into each other depending on their scale. The stories born from these long forgotten events are endless. Here are a few anecdotes, and samples for everything related to these beings, worlds and technologies. You should definitely chek for amazing places like Jaurasii, or generic articles about interstellar politics, propulsion systems, rins/cylies, space stations, spaceships and space ports, or specific subjects like the Jovian airships and Telluric rockets See also the chronicles of Nujamaca, Andrenadyn, Weithak....

The Galaxy and beyond