Borombudur, a city of Riand (Tau Ceti), 4900 AD.

A spaceship approaching a mining moon in the Casco system.

Early War between Resandian and Swanians, Alpha Centauri system.

Snolanian colonists cargo joining motherships bound to the outer reaches of the Sirius system.

Early known civilizations

Eartlings: Evolution before and after the break with Mars. Continued colonization of SolSys.

Martians: Beginnings of Civilization, relationships with the motherland before independence. Start of stellar colonization.

Venusians: From the 4th millenium settlers to the independence and neoprimal revival.
Jovian/Saturnians: Gas giants settlers functional society. First appearance of Ungravids and Semiungravids.

Ungravids: First humanoid bio-engineerd for life in zero gravity.

Semiungravids: Humanoid species bio-engineered to fit low gravity environments.

Grinians: The epitome of the symbiotic civilization, destined to become one of the dominant spiritual forces of the sixth millennium.

Doms: Dawn of the prevailing current of a "second wave" of star colonization, itself the source of amounts of civilizations, living in non-terraformed planets.

Noochains: Asian colonists of earthly origin, creating a civilization of their own in the Orion\'s arm.
Alphites: First interstellar settlers, Resandians and Swanians (Alpha Centauri).

Siriusans: Colonial civilization of sirius. Emergence of the Snolanian civilization.

Procyonites: Procyon system colonists, Luitgi and Diniso civilizations.

Taucetians: Tau Ceti colonists, emergence and decline of the Riandine and Braonite civilizations.

Epsinarids: Epsilon Eridani system. Novrossian Civilization.

Omicronides: Omicron Eridani (Kaidan) system. Foundation and destiny of Sikhanor empire.

Altairians: Birth and emergence of the Tonite empire.

Sigma-Draconian: Sigma Draconis system civilization of Sirmandrag

Cassiopaieans: Foundation and destiny of the Cassiopeians, first secessionists from the Eartlings.

Ophiuchians: 36 Ophiuchi system Civilization.

Etitonids: 82 Eridani system trade civilization.

Pavoniens: Colonies of the Delta Pavonis system.