Imagination at work

Although i have a true passion for classic profiles, there are so much more works to show. I tried to depict comics like scenes, generally in SciFi, infographic works, even surrealist photoshopings... and webdesign, which is now very much more a coding than graphical affair.


With about 2,000 sportscars was in display on Gran Turismo Design , now, established as a reference in classic cars regalia. Here are some of the pearls in this work.


I started early on a collection which could be shortened in relatively few more recent illustrations in vectorial design, and a few painted as well. Here are a some of these references. More can be seen on



Quite an exhaustive collection of ships started in the 1990s, starting with dugouts and prehistoric boats with Gouache painting, to solar challenge made with vectorial design. The oldest ship portal dating back from 1998 is navistory now in full translation. It is seconded by, and Naval Encyclopedia.


I started a collection of tanks in the 2000s, doing just two vectorial illustrations of the Maus prototype and the Polish TK3 tankette, in order to show both spectacular ends of ww2. I started once again in 2011 in order to test new a media for the same task. This collection was later declined into my website, a wordwide reference on the matter.

Ancient Warfare

I started working back in 2008 on a strategy video game i really spend hours on, Rome: Total War, ultimately creating classical age total war mod, and get new skills in historical and pictorial research, skinning, coding and 3D modelling. This is now hosted in


Another long time passion was for comics and animes; had a try on hard Sci Fi fifteen years ago testing some ideas and wrote on the matter, doing a few studies for two authors, and artwork for the adaptation of Asimov's masterpiece, Fundation.


Want to order a print, use my artwork, have special task for me or want a collaboration ? Do not hesitate to drop me a line or two...